Enjoy An All New Beer Experience

Welcome to The Box Office

First and foremost we are a boozer. We sell booze to get you drunk and hope you like it.

All we want to do is continue to sell craft beer to people who enjoy it; it’s what we know best and what seems to keep bringing people back night after night.

Our specialty is Craft beer from Cambodia and a great British food menu.

We take great pride in having curated the biggest range of draft beers in the country and serving good quality home cooked food. It takes hard work, dedication and passion to be this good.

Discover Our Menus

Our Beer Menu changes almost daily and so does our food menu.

We try and keep the menus as up to date as possible but we have lives and stuff to do as much as you lot, so if something is missing let’s just agree to get on with it… we have (when everythings working well) close to 90 beers at any given time, if we don’t have exactly what you want there and then we probably have something close you haven’t tried before.

Making A Website…

It’s a little known fact that making websites for a bar is boring, time consuming (time we’d rather use serving) and so w@nky it’s laughable..

We have literally spent weeks writing and re-writing the website front page to try and give you all a big fancy welcome with all the lovely fancy words and bull$hit you’d expect to convince you that we have wealth of experience and that we have done all we can to cram as much of that knowledge into our tiny bar.. and hope that you like it.

The truth is, that ain’t us.

Stone Head in Cambodia.

We’ve been proudly serving Stone Head for more than a year and it’s great to hear them promoting the message of craft beer in Cambodia. We currently have 6 of their beers on tap and plenty more in the fridge! Great article in today’s post about them. Stone Head in Phnom Penh Post

Another great brew….

We love it when we get new brews and this cheeky little number is no exception.. British Ale from Flowers Nanobrewery

New Beer News.

More great news and brews from Cambodia based brewers We have Covid19! From the genius behind Blind Lemon, Steamy Monday and Duck Walk; Kampot’s very own Flowers Nanobrewery we bring you Covid 19 Juicy IPA This is a 6.4% hard hitting Grapefruit-like hoppy IPA with 8 different malts (including Rye Malt) 7 different hops (4 times moreContinue reading “New Beer News.”

To book a table, call us (+855) 12 831 950 or use the form below.

The Box Office

Serious About Craft

Open Hours

Mon : 14:00 – 22:00
Tues – Sun: 12:00 – 22:00


#76, Street 244, Phnom Penh


(+855) 12 831 950

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