Making A Website…

It’s a little known fact that making websites for a bar is boring, time consuming (time we’d rather use serving) and so w@nky it’s laughable..

We have literally spent weeks writing and re-writing the website front page to try and give you all a big fancy welcome with all the lovely fancy words and bull$hit you’d expect to convince you that we have wealth of experience and that we have done all we can to cram as much of that knowledge into our tiny bar.. and hope that you like it.

The truth is, that ain’t us.

The truth is, after nearly 5 years, over 12,500 draft beers poured and countless jokes and stories told we still have as much of an idea of what makes a bar work as anyone else.. which is f*ck all.

It works some nights. Other nights it doesn’t. We just have to find a happy balance and hope it doesn’t make us go mad in the process.

Look, first and foremost we are a boozer. We sell booze and people seem to like it – on the whole our reviews are good….

All we want to do is continue to sell craft beer to people who enjoy it; it’s what we know best and what seems to keep bringing people back night after night.

We’ll let you know when are bored of it.

Published by GLEW

Paul Glew is not a web designer.

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